About BNW Artist Academy

This Is How Our Story Began

Brand New Wave Artist Academy specializes in teaching and certifying barbers to get licensed in the state of Virginia. We facilitate our theory through our online teaching portal. This allows artist to get their class work done at their own pace! We have barbershops that we're partnered with that help assist with job placement after our artist graduate. 

Brand New Wave Artist Academy is a derivative of Brand New Wave Barber and Natural Hair Shop. After years of owning and operating a shop, it gave us the desire to step into the education realm. We wanted to create a place to help groom professional artist to work inside our locations and our partners locations.  

BNW Artist Academy is apart of the Virginia Registered Apprenticeship program. All students must be signed up with our registered  apprenticeship program at either of our locations or with another registered Virginia sponsor. We assist our students with a list of sponsors, however, we highly suggest students sign up with one of our locations in order to maximize their experience! 

Our program is new, innovative, and like no other! Each phase, assignment, and lab was intentionally created to help mold today's best artist! We currently only focus on barbering, however, we look to add on the following as we grow: cosmetology, nails, natural hair, aestheticians, and more! 


Sign up today and experience a 'Brand New Wave' of education! We can't wait to meet you!     

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Meet Our Founder


Founder & Instructor

Bizz comes with 10+ years of experience. He's a entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist eager to engage and educate. Bizz has a degree in Business Management from Virginia State University.